Well I have to know :P

Forexample, the unforgiven solo has them, so does the MoP solo...

In the unforgiven solo the figure is


It's basically a real high squeeking sound.. How do i make these? thanks in advance
I would imagine one would simply make the artificial (or pinch, if you prefer) harmonic and then bend the string, also as normal.
Idv thought you mean Pinch Harmonics. These can be tricky to get at first, but basically hold your pick with just a tiny bit of your thumb hanging over the tip of it. Strike the string and straight after, very lightly touch the string with that bit of the thumb.

Hard to describe, thats the way most people do it but i actually do it with my finger on upstroke.

Look on cyberfret.com theres some videos on there i think.
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also, you gotta use the finger on a certain area of the string so try it up and down over the bridge
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yes, you just hit the string with the pick, but sort of dampen it quickly with your right thumb... its a lot easier tha it sounds: instead of just hitting the string with the pick, also put the thumb behind it, and then you bend the string. also, to make it easier, put a lot of tone and treble, and use the bridge pick up.
hmm no still not getting it. I don't think I understand you guys right. Can you guys try explaining some more? thanks for your previous answers though=)

Edit: thanks for the link. I'll have a look right away
those arent harmonic bends, those are pinch harmonics. thats when u hold the pic and have one of ur fingers barely touch the string. u get that sound
in MOP he pulls the string of the fret board and it hits the bridge pickup and the bridge pickup frets it, from there he shook it with the whammy barit was a complete mistake he cant recreate
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those arent harmonic bends, those are pinch harmonics. thats when u hold the pic and have one of ur fingers barely touch the string. u get that sound

Luckily he is the only one that acually understood what silly me ment :p I was after pinch harmonics, not bend. Sorry for the unneeded trouble, as punish I'll read it 50 times each :p Thanks again
Try thinking of it this way: normally when striking a string with your pick, you want only the pick to hit the string, nothing else. But with pinch harmonics, try "choking up" on the pick so that only a little bit hangs out (using too much of the pick or burying it too deep in the strings is a common mistake in both regular playing and in PH's). You must hit the string with the edge of your thumb immediately after striking the string. Don't wait; it just needs to be after the pick hits it. It is an imperceptibly small amount of time. Have a good follow-through to ensure proper timing and to ensure that you don't accidentally rest your thumb against the string.

Also, as someone posted above, be aware that one must do this special PH motion at certain points on the string. You can't just hit the string anywhere. Since the production of PH's involves certain divisions of string length, you have to move your picking hand along the scale of the guitar (sometimes a little toward the headstock, sometimes a little toward the bridge, depending on where you normally play) to find the harmonic you want.