tube cleans, Fender.
solid state, Roland Jazz JC120.
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Fender and Vox (think the Beatles and the Shadows if you haven't heard of the brand), both offer amazing cleans but the Vox sound is darker and the Fender more of a bright, shimmering tone.
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Fender (shimmery), Mesa/Boogie Lone Star (full, round, bluesy), Vox AC30 (between the two), Roland Jazz Chorus (lush solid state).
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Fenders and Vox's have the best sounding cleans to me, but the cleanest cleans would probably go to any Hughes & Kettner amp.

It depends on whether you want a sterile sounding clean or a lush sounding clean.
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Vox amps usually do overdrive better than the Fenders, but other than that, it depends on your own tastes.

The Vox has, as earlier stated, a darker tone, whereas Fenders are bright sounding.
Every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you
The amp to buy (it's fast becoming a collector) roland JC120. Awesome cleans.

Fender twin/deville/deluxe
Vox AC 30

The cleans are different as previously stated.
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