I am about to buy a new pickguard and i was wondering if i have to order it with the PUP holes already cut out the way the PUPs are on my guitar. I have never bought a new pickguard before and i don't really know how to buy it so it will fit just right for my guitar.
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You might want a pickgaurd that fits your guitars pickups unless your changing the pickups to something different. So yes buy the pickgaurd that is cut to fit your pickups.
By the way what pickups do you have on your guitar right now?
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wait, what was your point lol

Oh. nvm, well..buy one that fits the holes where ur pickups are :S?
You need to make sure the pup holes are the right size, and you need to make sure all the screw holes are the same as on your guitar (otherwise you'll just have to drill new holes).
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Right now i have a fender strat wit an SD Hot Rails in the bridge and a SD humbucker in the neck and im thinkin of gettin another single coil in the middle but i cant find a pickguard tht fits those holes
Rest In Peace Syd Barrett
Shine On You Crazy Diamond