I am looking for a good amp for my guitar. I'm mainly trying to find a decent tube amp that's not too expensive and can produce a deep clean tone as well as a good classic rock-type distortion with my Epiphone Les Paul Custom. I don't really want to spend more than 700 dollars. Does anyone have any suggestions on which amps I should look at?
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get a small marshall amp. its nice. i've got one and it plays perfectly w/ my les paul
THere's the Peavey Classic 30, great amp with good classic tone, well under budget. Then there's the Crate V30, nice amp with also great classic tone more gain than the Classic but a little more expensive.
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Fender hot rod deville/blues deville/blues jr.
Ampeg Reverberocket
Peavey classic 30
Carvin Nomad
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I don't know about the Reverberocket

But I recommend a Crate V-series
Peavey Valveking 112-$399 on Musician's Friend.
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Would the Ampeg Reverberocket last me a good while?

Ask TNfootballfan62 about those i believe he has one. I would recomend the Classic 30 or 50 i have the 50 and i love it.
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Alright thank you all so much for your help! I'll look into all the different amps you've suggested and find as many of them as I can to test. Thanks a lot!
i wouldn't get a crate... and make sure the marshall is tube, their solid states are overpriced. but a fender hot rod deville is a sweet combo.
marshall's tubes are overpriced too buddy lol. you can't really find a good marshall tube with your price range anyways. and the newer marshalls aren't that great (the jcm2000's).
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