Well school is out
And kids are out and about
There just having fun
Under the sun

Justing hanging with friends
Hoping that it never ends
Not worrying about the summer time blues

Weeks go by and your friend are gone
With family they've gone to
You are all alone

Ohh, the summer time blues
It makes you lose
Your memory of friends and time
Wishing that it will end

Then you soon relizes
That your school life is about to return
And you will see your friends again
The summer time blues


Now that the pain has ended
You can to back to having fun
No more summer time blues


I am not copying this song, it is my song. I am just re-posting it because it had a poll and the title was the same as another song.
It's a nice concept - the flip side of summer kind of thing. But it felt a bit like there was something thats missing, like it only scratches the surface. I dunno, it's a nice enough piece, but maybe you could take it somewhere beyond where it is at the moment?

I like the fact that it's quite sparse though, it helps with the image of someone having a bleak time while everyone else is enjoying themselves, definitely keep that I reckon
It's an interesting topic to write about. It was written very simplisticly, but I dont know if you did this on purpose to make it seem like it was a kid in school narrating the song, in that case it works very well. The only problem seems to be that at some points in the song you just throw in random lines or something that seem inchoherent and/or do not relate to what you were just saying. I'll give this 6 out of 10 stars. Keep up the good work.
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^I can hear it, but by a blues, I meant to the progression, like a 12 bar blues. You can have a hard-rock blues, like Guns and Roses, is that what you're going for? Or no?
It's very nice. I think everybody knows this feeling and has a connection with this song, which is what music is, making connection with people by expressing your feelings. Great job. Thanx for posting on my songs. Keep it up.
i agree with what MastaBassist10 said, it´s the right discription of the summertime... sad but true.
maybe you can write rock music and make kinda "bluesbridge" into the song
i thought it was ok, a little basic, but the more i read it, the more it grew on me...very simplistic, but praps this only enhances the song. overall id say just go over it a few times an your bound to see a few lines or ares that you wanna improve or alter. 6/10.
I like your style. You write about topics that, at first glance, seem like they've been done before and it almost fits a certain mold, but you always seem to bring an interesting wordplay twist onto it. It's really unique and entertaining, sort of don't know what to expect. It's really...real . I like it. No complaints.
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