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Kramer Custom Les Paul all mahog black quilt top $357
11 61%
Epiphone LP Classic quilt top Wine Red $399
7 39%
Voters: 18.
agile....but out of those, the epi.
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^^ Rondo is out of the the tiger eye and root beer Agiles, the 2 finishes I would have wanted and Im uncomfortable with the amputee/lower horn look of the agiles.
Kramer, they're made in the same factory as the epis since kramer is owned by gibson and those 98t and 90r pickups are the gibson 498t and 490r iirc
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Out of those two? The Kramer if you like the look of it. The Epi is the mhaogany/alder body-not solid mahogany. It also doesn't have Grovers, and it's pickups aren't as good.

I vote for the Kramer.
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Kramer for sure.

Its MIA as well.
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kramer, i think. I don't think it's MIA, though- it has some MIA parts (the pickups etc.)- it's still korean made, as far as I know.
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