I'm not exactly new to the guitar, or acoustic for that matter. I've been playing my electric guitar (Fender) for a year and a half now, and I'm decent. I'm about to make the switch to acoustic, so I don't want a beginner guitar exactly. I mean, I've played acoustic guitars, but never owned.

My price range is between $100-$250, and I'd like a good sounding acoustic, that looks nice.

What do you reccommend?
Well Mattitude, I just got a guitar a week or so ago, and I got a Samick electric/acoustic guitar for around $279. I'm not an expert to the guitar but I think that this guitar sounds great and it looks great too.
I got an Oscar Schmidt OG21TN for 155CDN. It's a very nice guitar, both acoustically and aesthetically.

If you have the chance to get it, GET IT! =D
check out the sticky thread for guitars under 300 at the top of the page. it's a good starting place.
Check out the sticky "guitars under $300"

I'd suggest the Yamaha FG700S. If not then, go for the Washburn D10S
Also, exactly what is a "folk" guitar. I was searching for a Yamaha, found a really pretty one, but it said "Folk" and the rest didn't. Exactly what is the difference?