I used the search button and I couldn't find any threads about this guitar, so do you guys have any info about this guitar? How does it compare to an elitest epi, gibson studio and a gibson standard.
I have the classic. It's got a 60's neck (I love it!) and "hotter" pickups compared to the studio. The studio is the lower-end guitar money wise. It's still a good guitar, but not as much hand-made as far as I know.

I used to be all for getting the Epi LPs, saying, "It's just the price that's the difference." But when I was shopping around for my Gibson, I never felt an Epi that was as good as ANY Gibson, EVER. Much more playable, the Gibsons are.
Looking for my India/Django.
alright sounds good, i was just curious because I want a les paul style guitar and i was looking at around the $1000 range, the classic may be too much for me to afford right now.
Dude, go on ebay. They are 1300-1500 all day long. Some are mint condition even.
I have one in tobacco burst. Love it. Its permanently tuned to Eflat for my heavier stuff and its identical to my Standard.