ive been considering getting this powermac G4 off a friend for $250
theres absolutly nothing wrong with it and hes giving me a 180 gig harddrive

the model of the G4 is here

I was bassicaly just wondering if this would be good to record multiple tracks with or not

some people told me that u need over 1.0Ghz to record with but this only has 450Mhz

any help would be appreciated and no dont tell me to buy a pc cuz i already have one
i wouldn't pay that for a 450mhz system, go with a new mac mini, you can get one for under 600 and it'll be well worth it!
macs suck really bad, but go with his idea^
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yeah i know about the mac minis and they seem pretty sweet but the only thing is that i really only have like around 250 to spend and i wanted to get one pretty quick
i got a mac G5, i dig it for recording. all i can say is that i run a lot of **** on it simultaniously, (external audio cards, keyboards, etc. too) and i've had only about 5 crashes in almost 2 years now, and i'm not exegerating. just my experience so far
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macs suck really bad, but go with his idea^

not necessarily. and dont automatically go with his idea...that is if you'd ever consider getting a pro audio PCI card that would allow you to record at considerably higher quality and do true simultaneous multitracking. if you dont feel like you'd ever need to do that, then maybe consider the Mac Mini. otherwise, yeah 450 MHz will probably hurt you, especially when you have to render a ton of effects and bounce tons of tracks.
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