Okay, so I'm starting to learn some of the chords! It is necessary to play a chord in one single motion right? It seems like some of the chords were meant for an electric guitar, are some of them instrument specific?
no. no chords are "instrument specific". just somtimes things sound better on an electric than an acoustic adn the other way around.
yeh, power chords for example sound much better on an electric guitar than acoustic, but can still be played the same on an acoustic guitar.
"it is necessary to play a chord in one single motion right?" <-- elaborate.
^i think hes talking about strumming. if thats the case, you dont have to strum the chord
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Actually when learning chords I found it very useful to pick every note and then strum the chord.

This way you'll notice if there are any mistakes, slightly muting open strings etc etc.
When you say one single motion, do you mean when you are placing down on the frets. I know a person who is horrible at chords because he sets them up but placing one finger at a time and because of that he cant really play anything.