In order to answer this question its needed that you have heared the song "I'm yours" by Jason Mraz.

Well, I love that song, and the guitars are beautiful. But how the heck do you play like that? How do you make that kind of sound out of your guitar? That relaxed, muted, chill sound they play?

I don't get it, and yes I am a nub, but I'm trying to learn
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Quote by jimtaka
palm muting with an acoustic-electric

Acoustic-electric? Didn't know such a thing did exist.
And just to be sure.. that would be an electric guitar that sounds like an acoustic?

Further more, is it possible to palm mute on an acoustic guitar? Or that is a technique only used with electric?

And finally, does this mean that it's not possible to play this song like that with an acoustic guitar?
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I haven't heard the song, but I can answer your questions about acoustic-electric guitars.

Acoustic-electric guitars are probably closer to an acoustic guitar than an electric guitar. Acoustic-electrics are just acoustic guitars with electronics installed into them to amplify its sound through an amp. You can play acoustic-electric guitar unplugged, which basically will sound like an acoustic .... or you can choose to play it plugged in through an amp. It's pretty much your choice. So its not an electric guitar that sounds like an acoustic, but rather an acoustic guitar that sounds like an electric ..... kind of.

Palm muting is a technique that you can pretty much use on any guitar. It's not exclusive to only "acoustic-electrics". But I must say that palm muting is much nicer sounding on an acoustic (or an acoustic-electric ... they're pretty much both in the same) as it adds a nice percussive element.

Again .... I haven't heard the song, but if what jimtaka says is true, I'm sure you can play the song with just an acoustic guitar. There really isn't that big of a difference between acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars as far as playability goes.
Thanks for explaining the acoustic-electric part, I get it now.. quite logic after all (:

And about Palm Muting.. as far as I understand it is a technique where you use part of your right hand (maybe not the whole palm) to "mute" the strings, below where you play them.
By .. like .. resting a little of the hand on the strings.. isn't that correct?
I really hope I'm wrong tho cause I sure can't do that :P

And finally, thanks badtzwang, you gave me my hope back! One day I will play that song! On an acoustic!
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^-- that's pretty much the jist of palm-muting, and you could definitely play this song on an acoustic or an acoustic-electric. i just said acoustic-electric because that's what he is playing in that song.
Kewl. Now, do you guys have any tips on how to get started with that Palm Muting?
I know practice is king, but what shall i practice on doing.. ? Cause I don't quite get it how it's done ):
I've seen videos of people doing it on an electric.. and trying that on an acoustic doesn't sound to good.
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