my friend bought a new drum set and is about to attempt to play tomorrow, i was wondering what songs would be good for him to work on the basic skills? it's got no cymbals yet, btw, if that helps describing it. i didn't think of another forum to put this in, so...yeah
G-G-G D-E-C C chord
try like a stone by audioslave. cymbals are needed but it seems pretty easy.
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californication and a part of for whom the bell tolls from metallica, never cheked the whole song
not only for whome the bell tolls but if you look at lars and his drumming 3 quarters of there songs are not hard at all
yeah back in black and TNT are both really easy
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try to play "long view" by green day.

its a catchy beat, thats still easy to play.
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AC/DC's always easy

i was gonna say that. i dont drum much at all, but even i can pull of an AC/DC song. it's easy enough that you could tackle almost every song, but some songs throw in a few challenges to help move your technique along...for example, take the postverse part in Back in Black where it kinda "stutters".
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I like:

Phobos (he oozes cool)

Misfits and AC/DC Covers + original recordings (jazz/punk, hardcore, "shredish").
Just do any song. He doesn't have to do any complicated stuff, you could do a hard drumming song, but just have him keep time the whole time with some simple fills here and there.