Hey, I've never gone to Warped Tour but I'm planning on going this year in SLC, they say the gates open at 11am, does anyone know on average around what time things begin to wind down?? - gracias
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Jordan "Creampuff" Makin
festivals ive been to have ended around 11.30 - midnight.

it depends on the lineup though and things.
Put it this way:

Plan your entire day on one thing. Warped Tour.
Trust me, you dont want to go home. Its a blast.
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yeah i got the same problem with ozzfest....anybody know when that ends?starts at 11am also
lol, thanks guys - yeah I'm planning my whole day on warped, I was just curious, that's all
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Jordan "Creampuff" Makin
In Jacksonville, Underoath played the last set of the night at 9:00; it was over by 9:35-ish.
^ Different places around the country probably have different times they allow loud noise to continue. Some bands probably don't play every show as well and so the line up is shorter, or maybe the show starts earlier.
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I was at thge Warped Tour yesterday and it was over at 8:30. it started at noon...
Can anyone who saw Underoath at warped tell me if they played In Regards To Myself?

And if they did it well?