Great ****ing tone man! You kick ass in my book.
This Is The Art Of Ruin

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I play because the secret reptilian, alien empire requires it of me. I guess you could say it's "protocol."

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icksnay on the ecretsay eptiliansray
i like your voice.
your timing is off on ur voice a little.
I love your voice
its like the best on this forum.
in this song

your good.
good job, i love the song, and your version is almost better.

crit mine if you get a chance, i know your prolly havent heard of it. but can u comment neways. lol.
just need to relax on the guitar a little bit, it sounds like your rushing or something in the beginning, but i like the tapping, thats a cool twist, good voice as well, you seem to smooth out the guitar later int he song, overall good job, i got a dmb cover (pig) in my sig feel free to check it out, no need to crit or anything, just if ur into dave.. nice job though