I was just wondering if bands like Smashing pumpkins and other bands like them used actual Fuzz Pedals or if just by changing the frequencies i can do the same?? Ive just got your boring old boss pedal? any hints?
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If you want the Smashing Pumpkins fuzz get a Electro Harmonix Big Muff
they were gear freaks and they used a ton of stuff (Fender Blender, Superfuzz....just look at http://www.spfc.org/band/equipment.html)

don't think you'll get that sound out of your regular Boss DS1
I can get a great fuzz sound out of my MT-2 pedal. I don't really know how it would compare to the smashing pumpkins sound 'cuz I don't listen to them, but you can still get a pretty nice fuzzy tone.