I want to get a peavey 5150. i mostly play metal. and with lots of solos. is this a good amp. ? what do you all think should i get it?
well good cleans have pretty much gone to hell. since i use a 81-85 emg setup. are the cleans that bad?
the cleans are really thin brittle and trebly, but i was mainly on the dist. channel when i was playin it

personally i didnt dig it all that much, but i didnt have that much time to eq it, and i was playin through a dave mustaine sig with his gay actives
have you ever heard a 81-85 set clean. well they are horrible. do you know how i can me them sound better. im considering a 60 swap. but how bout a pedal or something? yeah im getting that bbe pedal for the 5150
well, i think switch to the 85 and roll the tone down some, and perhaps a 60 switch, i hear their the bees knees for cleans
alright. i own one. i absolutely love it. i prefer it over the mesa dual recto(my friend has that). the cleans are pretty mediocre, but i have a chorus pedal (MXR) and i have to tell you, it helps tremendusly. the cleans are amazing with it. i did install a bias pot tho, and if you get that amp. let me know, ill find the site for it, cuz it makes it sound much better. BUY IT!
i tried it with my friends, and it sounded horrible, lots of feedback and like no distortion. the distortion on that thing is purely amazing.