im looking for a good microphone for around 100 dollars. I want something that is reliable, will last me long, and sound pretty good for vocals. Any suggestions?
Shure SM57, amazingly versatile and reliable (it can do some vocals too but its not the best thing out there if you only need it only for vocals). I believe all of St Angers vocals (however ****ty that album may be) were recorded with the thing.
Shure SM58. Industry standard. I wouldnt use anything else.
60.00 shipped on ebay
how about the Sennheiser E835? I'm not sure if it matters but my vocals style isnt very hardcore. Like im not into any screaming stuff, but i like to rock.
A 57 or 58 will work great. Both have been used by countless singers over the years both live and in the studio. I've not used that Sennheiser, so I can't comment on it.
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Shure SM58 is the best option in live use. It sounds good, it's extremely reliable, and built like a tank to endure years of live abuse.
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yeah the SM58 is pretty much the standard that all other vocal mics are measured against. its $100 on musiciansfriend, so its perfect for you
My cuz's dad does karaoke and he said that Shure is a good brand which I can see a lot of ppl agree so I'd say go with SM57.
senheisser makes awesome mics for cheap
the e825S is one i own, my friend gave it to me cause he does really sing and has a bunch of stuff laying around
its really warm, and thats what I like about it.