So I got a brand new boss tu-2 pedal for my birthday and I wanted to power both it and my boss turbo overdrive od-2r pedal with this cheap adapter I had been using for my od pedal. So I bought a daisy chain and plugged everything up forgetting to check the voltage switch on the adapter (it was on 12v instead of 9v) and both my pedals are now instantly broken. I bought my OD pedal used and had fixed this problem before by replacing the diode right next to the a/c plug but I replaced it again and it's still broken. How can I fix this?
aint the adaptor that plugs into the pedals just fried? i had the exact same problem with my metal master and crybabay pedals. i just bought a new adaptor and hey presto. all fixed.
Yeah it may just be the adaptor?

Did you try throwing a battery into either and checking them out?
ya I checked the adapter with a plain old 9v one and still not working. Same with fresh batteries.