Ehy everyone, im a huge n00b to this forum so bear with me.

I have been playing bass for aroudn 6 months now and im no superstar and im wondering, How does one "get good" on bass?

So far the only way of learning I have had is reading tabs and going by that...which is all I can do really (I can sound out alot of songs now too, and pick up how to play the song pretty easily too).

I know there is slapping and all these techniques....Which im not sure about.

So my questions really, does anyone have any info as to slapping effectively?
What abotu harmonics and sclaes and such? I have never leanred about those, etc.

Any basics would be great, thanks anyone :P
Finding a local guitar/bass teacher would be good for learning your theory. For technique, just make sure you're doing it correctly at first and then just practice practice practice until it hurts.
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Ive been playing bass for a couple of years now and harmonics arnt that important. Slapping is kinda hard when you first start but when you get goin its easy.If youd like to try a harmonic on your bass take a finger and put it on the side of the 12 fret on your g string ( the tiny one) then pluck. you should hear a noise that dosent sound liek a normal note. Most of your dotted frets can be harmonics too. As for slapping Its kinda hard to explain so try looking for a site. As for scales they are very easy and If you want to learn tons more I suggest seeking out a bass teacher at a local music store.
work on your Timing. Trust me. USe a metronome. Timing makes a world of difference. Plus It will force you to play smoother, because u'll have to start slow and u'll see your errors
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Ive been playing bass for a couple of years now and harmonics arnt that important.

WHAT!!!!! have you ever heard Potrait of Tracy?!?!?
here is some kick ass harmonics...

.back to original question...

one word = Practice

if you want to "get good" Stop reading tabs asap and start learning how to read sheet music

any bass player I know who has been playing 10+ years with out reading music always regrets not learning how to read

Next... some get teachers, others are self taught, either way just make sure that you don't get ahead of your self, we all want to be the next Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clark, Larry Gram, John Pattituche (how ever you spell his name), willie Weeks, James Jamerson, Flea, Les Claypool, Victor Wooten and so on, but every one them will tell you they had to practice there ass off...

What I would suggest doing is the Jaco Method, Start doing Cello exercises, I use Dotzaurs Cello excersises, they really help you with your reading, left hand dexterity (if and only if you do them properly) and your speed, at first it's going to hurt and your left hand is going to cramp up, and if it hurts it means your doing it right, the pain will leave after a while... IF you want I'll scan The first Etude I did out the book, it tells you where you need to put your hand and when you need to move it... (you still have to know how to read though)... if you don't know what all the notes on the finger board are I would suggest you figure that out first, but then jump into these, a few months of practicing them and you'll be pretty f^$%ing fast, and you'll be able to read, a rare skill among most bassists and guitarists these days, then do slaps and what ever else, but you will need to approach it with the same amount of scrutiny you did with the cello excersises, and what I have told you is only the begining to your journy on the electric bass, the final fronteer
People who say "how do i get good" know how to get good already, they just cant be arsed and want to a) be spoon fed everything and b) get given some sort of magical shortcut.
Also, i heard if you stand near really good bassists, some of their bass skills will get soaked into your skin and end up in your brain...
^^ Ritchie Blackmore and Yngwie Malmsteen did that too, so it's prolly a good idea. Also, it's yummy
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practise scales and moving around the fretboard fluently. not neccesarily fast, but fluent is more important. learn theory-thats VERY important. learn the names of the notes on the fretboard.
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I don't think that's all that made him fast, but it probably helped lol

and bananna pudding is tasty
any of the good bassists didnt do it through reading instructional books and videos, it was through practice and love for music....enough said
who are you to wave your finger......
start with timing...get a metronome or use an online metronome and go into "odd" time signatures and such..and get as good of a drift on timing as you can. use your fingers preferably:P if you don't want to pay for lessons on theory or whatever, there are many useful websites with basics and beyond. www.cyberfretbass.com is one of many.

Sart to listen to bass in songs when you listen to music. Don't just focus on vocals or guitar, but bass. examine what you think he/she is doing on the bass..and give it a try on your bass. ear training is very important.

Also....dedicate practice time in just playing your bass. Don't worry about drilling songs..but sit and be creative. vary in speeds and techniques. even if it isn't in one specific scale or key, that's alright. Get your ears familiar with the sound of other modes and scales outside of the major scale even if you don't know what they are. This will benfit you later.

LISTEN TO VIRTUOSO GUITAR MUSIC! (Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen..etc)
listen to their techniques, and for vai..the smoothness of his fingers. this may sound rediculous..but it helps

its not that you have to get off tabs asap...its that you have to become independant. don't necessarily use sheeet music, but use your ear.

and finally...make goals. grab songs that sound difficult, and that you would soon like to be able to play, and just work at it constantly. It will come

I don't know if this helped at all, but I want to hopefully teach music/bass one day..so I'm hoping this was good.
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getting good???
practise practise and practise
ive been playing for around 2 years
the first yoear i didnt play well coz i didnt do exercises
i started doin them about 4 months ago and i improved a lot
so you better find something in internet maybe in this site
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Eat more banana pudding. Believe me, Jaco did it.

thanks for the help, im goin to start right now
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any of the good bassists didnt do it through reading instructional books and videos, it was through practice and love for music....enough said

um.. but many of them DID read books and watch videos, I have found many good guys locally who do exactly that. Jaco used cello EXERCISES, my teacher, probably the best Bass Player I know....

( this was nearly twenty years ago, he's gotten even better) Has Stacks and stacks of Bass books, and other such books of solos (one of the biggest influences on his playing was Miles davis) These books are his for reading and playing...

No doubt, practice makes perfect, but most times you need somthing to direct your practice, and teachers and books do that, don't diss the books man.
I feel like the ****tiest bassist on the planet after watching that Victor Wooten video.

And on topic, just practice. Make yourself some daily excercises to get your fingers limber and to nicrease your speed. Like people have said, try more difficult songs and keep trying until you get them. IU dont quite agree with learning Virtuoso guitar music though...
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