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11 55%
Gin Rummy
9 45%
Voters: 20.
This is the last blues challenge using the slow backing track.

For wmzbomgzors go here "UG Top Dog II Blues -Slow A"

For Gin Rummy go here "UG's Top Dog Blues"

Vote and critique
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Well... this one is a tough one to vote on.

wmzbomgzors' distortion is a bit over the top and he misses a couple of notes here and there.

Gin Rummy needs to tune his guitar a little better, although I like his choice of modes better... the tuning was off... just slightly.

Hmmm.... I call it a draw and since the vote would cancel itself out at a 1 to 1 tie, I'm not going to vote.

Sorry guys. I listened to both and they're too close to call for me.
Im gonna have to say bomzors was pretty good with some pretty decent licks in there, alot of the same phrasing and stuff though. Pretty average blues solo seem like he was more focus on trying to rip out some licks than he was usin his guitar as a soul pole. Gin rummy's tone better suited the song IMO, more jazzy, which i dont think fitted, and alot of his notes were to far outside, also alot of poor bends and slides. WMZ wins.
Can we vote for ourselves?

Gin rummy's tone better suited the song IMO, more jazzy, which i dont think fitted

So, you thought it suited the song...but it didn't fit?

I agree with you on my bends and slides, I just couldn't really feel the groove to this backing track and that kinda messed with me on a lot of that. =/
Quote by inbloom27
wmz's distortion was too much for the blues.

well, I had to do something to cover up my ****ty playing.
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Yes you can vote for yourself, and I'm going to vote for you too because you strayed away from cliche blues licks, while wmb seemed to rely on them. I think he has better chops, but yours was more musically interesting to me. Tune your guitar though dude. Practice more and get your technique up and you'll be really good, everyone has heard the old classic blues licks a hundred times, you are unique because you don't use them at all.
hmm... that was a tough call

Gin - I liked the feel of your song, the way you approached it.. however, i think it may have been a little too jazzy. I also think there needed to be a better build up into a climax. your riffs were played cleaner than wmz's but not as technically sound (if that makes any sense, lol)you beat wmz on tone, phrasing, and originality

wmz- You took a more traditional blues approach, which is good, but it did sound slightly more flavorless. the tone was a little too distorted and there was one point where you got kinda sloppy.. on the other hand i think you showcased a better inventory of technical skills than ginrummy. You beat gin on technical ability, more in your face blues approach, and use of spacing and climax in your solo..

i had to listen to these several times.. but my vote goes to wmzbomgzors

gin keep practicing man, you have a very unique approach but i think you just need more skills. keep on it and you'll be lethal!
Yeah, I like the jazzy approach better, but overall I liked wmz better. His solo was better, technically, and was bluesier, which I think is the goal. Gin had the tone and the right idea for me personally, but I think wmz had the execution.
I'm going to have to go with Gin rummy, for originialty. A fw odd slides and stuff here and there, ...tuning...But overall just omre interesting and different.

WMb..nasnfg;d was more...proficient technically speaking at guitar but needs to look a t being more interesting and musical.

(not that I can talk )
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I voted Gin. His approach seems more unique and less aggressive to me. WMZ is technically better I think. But you've both got potential. :-)

BTW, how can I enter such a competition? I'd be interested, really.
i think wmzb's is better, i dont know how he's not winning. gin rummy's is so simple. just slow notes off a scale or mode through the whole song. no offence, but it was boring. wmzb has more licks and his playing is more complex. distortion or no distortion, wmzb's is better
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Haha, soeone else had better vote...
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oh snap, i was the deciding vote!

and someone else also mentioned this, how can i enter a contest such as this one? I would be very, very interested.