Ok so im new to guitar building and obv im aware saga kits arent very high quality, but i just want something to start with, say i got the saga LP kit, and everything works out fine, how bad will this thing sound, like I have a jackson dk2, im not expecting that obv, but like are we talkin squier range at least?
well...i have no experience with saga kits but i dont think they would make much money if they didnt turn out at least squier quality
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I was thinking about the Saga LP kit too, just to have an easy way into guitar building with ut all the tools and know-how.
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The sound will depend a lot on the pickups. I doubt that they sent high end pickups with the kit. I think that the experience of learning how a guitar works and setting it up will be more rewarding than the sound that you get. You can always change pickups, now that you now how. I did build the Tele kit and swapped in some Texas Special pickups. It's not a bad playing guitar at all. I ended up giving it to my daughter and she got all the members of Flyleaf to sign it in Atlanta. How cool is that?
ok thanks...cause like I have a squier along with my num 1 jackson dk2...and the squier is kinda bad but still produces a "tolerable" tone, so it would be some what beneficial if I could actually play some tunes with the saga, and not just use it as a tool..obviously i wont gig with it, just practicing and such...?