Alright, here's a little song I wrote about my friend whom I have known and hung out with for a very long time and grew very close to, and he moved away forever last week. I tried for this one to not be too depressing, but let me know what you think of it. As always, a crit for crit is in order.

We used to laugh all of the time
You looked up at the sun to climb
But never saw the tops of the clouds
Fly on, condor, fly on high

You turned your back and fled from the sea
With no help given to you from me
You were here so long, now you?re gone
Fly on, condor, fly on high

Always remember where you have been
Cuz I may never see you again
I?ll call it a lie
When I look to the sky
And see the bird that I call my friend
Fly on, condor, fly on high
Phish Phan
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Good song, really writen from the heart.

If you have a myspace and your friend does too, you can keep in touch that way.

You said "crit for a crit" my songs that I have on here are "The Season Of Blues" and "Fighting Was Not Worth The Time."
i see the point behind it but i dont like it at all
'fly on, condor, fly on high' = not good lyrics (sry)
also... maybe your in love with your friend... lol im jk with you
Keep trying though it was a good try
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I like the lyrics, It's got feeling to it. I can sense the emotion going trough the song. Maybe it's the introduction maybe not. But well written.

Good job.
It was I'm not sure how to describe it "psychedelic"
I guess poem sixtiesh you can try to get something out of it
But I would have probably added another verse
Overall I liked it