I don't know about this. i wrote very chaotically on purpose. but some of the lyrics seem cliche. Which is what I'm trying to fix.

A Miraculous Scene Of Disbelief

All I found here was a knife.
And as I stared at the puncture wound,
I realized that I was lost in this.

Your weapon of choice may be the sword of disbelief.
And you may blind me with it?s undeniable light,
but I shall try to struggle, and uncover my weary eyes.

I beat my fists on the walls of eternity.
Just to find my inner light,
that I swear dimmed so long ago,
that I thought it was extinguished.

If my voice would let me express this hurt.
I would scream until my throat bled.
And then spit it on the walls,
and lay back down to sleep.
Where I would dream of you again.
And it would all seem all to real.
And I would find myself helpless.
Here again
Run, Run Farmer. Screaming! Bloody Murder
The daughters of question have been murdered!
Murdered! Murdered!
I loved reading this. Especially the final verse. Very nice job. I don't have any complaints at all (and no I'm not saying that because I'm feeling lazy tonight). Your emotions came across fantastically. Well done.

Crit mine?
Aaah, just lost the link, It's called "Let the fire burn one last time.. (I'll edit in the link).

EDIT: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=392405