I decided to change strings today and for some reason the bridge pin on the 6th string just won't stay in place (at all) when I'm trying to change a new string. I'm pretty sure I'm putting enough force since I changed my old Johnson easily.
I've got the same problem. I usually get someone else to put some force on the string when im restringing.
I'm not sure why it's not sticking in place though, and now I think I screwed up a string since when I just thought I did it correctly, the bridge pin began popping out!
i had that happen with my fg72. I just started over with that string though and it worked fine.
What's happening is the bezels at the end of the string are catching on the bottom of your bridge pin. This happened to me as well. You can combat this by bending the string about 1/4" from the bezel so that it bends towards the soundhole. Insert the string first, making sure the bezel is not directly under the pin when you insert that. Then, pull a little on the string to see if the bezel has caught the pin or not. I hope this helps.
He's exactly right. I had the same problem and someone told me to do this. Worked like a charm. If your having trouble doing this, like I was, stick your hand (or fingers depending on the size) in your soundhole and make sure the bezel is at an angle, then pull the string.
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i had that happen a few times with that same guitar, just push it in while youre tuning it.
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^you dont want to do that if the ball end is under the pin. revrock gave the correct way to fix the problem.