Hey I'm looking into buying a new guitar and the Epiphone Explorer really caught my eye. From what I have read it is a really good guitar for the price ($500) and even though it is no gibson there isnt a HUGE difference. I currently have a bc rich warlock and I know I was dumb buying it but hey it was my first guitar. Anyway I'm asuming it would be a nice upgrade. I play mostly older style metal, some classic rock, and a little punk. From what I read it has a good tone for just about anything. I would like to know from maybe someone who actually owns one though if it is worth it. What are your opinions?
I don't own one, but I played one earlier today and it kicked ass, man!
i have an epi les paul standard and that kicks ass pretty good...im assuming the pickups on the explorer are very similar and if so you can get great tones depending on the rest of your equipment...not sure if theres a huge difference between the explorer and the les paul but if not you can take my advice in saying it should be a great guitar for the price
Sounds great. I am deffinitly going to get it then. How much do you think the guitar center would give me for trading in my warlock? They might make me pay them to take it ...haha
Korina body, decent pups, They may have grovers on them now, and they look awesome.

They're great guitars for the price. I read a cool article about a week ago about this guy who took the Epi Korina Flying V and replaced the pickups, all the hardware, wiring, pots and tuners to match a vintage Gibson Korina Flying V. After allt eh changes, he wrote that hehad it sounding very close to the vintage Gibson. It cost him a bit under $1000 for the epi and all the mods to it, but the Gibson was $10,000. He said that there wasn't a huge difference in sound, and certainly not a $9000 difference in sound.

They can be amazing guitars-the Epi V and Explorer are both Korina and have the same pups, so there isn't a huge difference there.

I recommend them. Definetly as great guitars in the $500 range.
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