Hey, I got an awesome PRS a while ago but it has the Platinum paint and I dont like it much. I would give anything to have it painted like Joe Satriani's guitar like in the G3 Live in Denver DVD with the flames. Is there any chance in hell that I could get something close to that pain job? Do you know where I would have it done? If I could any idea how much it would be? And last question... The neck on my PRS is a lil thicker than I like it but I couldn't pass the price when I got it. So can you sand some off the neck to make it thinner? Or is that to dangerous? Like I wuld have a professional do it but how much could come off? Thanks
"ya see baseball got it all wrong...a man with four balls can't walk"
Wow... thats deep. I'm really sorry lil kitty
"ya see baseball got it all wrong...a man with four balls can't walk"
I wish I had the money to save your guitar from your evil designs against it.
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Sorry, it's just that no-one's customised PRS's cos they're too expensive and too 'perfect'. I hope it's an SE.

If you can afford a PRS, couldn't you buy one that looks nice instead of taking an ugly one and messing it up?
It's a Custom 22. There's no such thing as an ugly Custom 22. I've modded my PRS, but all I did was get a new switch and new pickups.
Hi, I'm Peter
Seriously...if he doesn't like the neck or the color, he should just sell it and get what he wants or go get something custom built.
Hi, I'm Peter