You are only allowed to post 2 RECORDINGS/TABS PER WEEK in each forum. This applies to each forum on an individual basis i.e. you can post 2 original recordings, 2 covers and 2 tabs a week if you so wish, but no more than that in each forum. It gives everyone a fair hearing!
Usually, you post your thread with a title of one of your songs, and people will comment on that particular song. But whatever, I'll comment on one.


I really like the intro. Once the drums start their beat, however, they seem to get just a tad slower than everyone else. Maybe it's me. This song is very different from what I usually hear, however, so I must commend you on that.

The big problem, however, is that it's entirely too short. It's more like a riff than a song. Now don't get me wrong, it's good, but it needs to be longer. Hell you could have repeated the same thing a second time and it wouldn't have been too boring. Still, maybe some vocals, or a change, anything. It just needs to be longer.

If you would check out my new song, I would appreciate it.

Wondrous Space, The Detour
I really like the way resta sounds like. It has a totally different feel to everything else you have there. It kinda reminds me of Happy Together by the Turtles. But it sounds like a darker version of it. I would like to hear it kick off into a harder edge punk song though. That's just me.

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Chapter 4

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