I'm not much in to electronic music, so I can't really say what exact genre this would be. Maybe one of you techno types could tell me?

Anyway, I decided to use a drum machine (HammerHead) for this one, as I wanted to try something different. A couple of beats and some messed up guitar later, I have this. I kept it short because, well, I always thought techno and the like were too repetitive. So yeah. I guess it's techno. It's... I don't know. Just listen (Please?).

Crit for crit.

And just for the record, the ending was intentional.


"Wondrous Space, The Detour"
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sorry dude the song dosent wanna play on my computer. you might want to check the file or upload the song again. anywho i decided to crit another song for you. i hear "march in d minor" its really nice a slow and i like how the backround effects sound. the main riff is a bit repetetive but yuo made it work with the backround effects. wel thats all i have to. sorry i coulnt crit the song you wanted me to.
I liked it, i was always fond of the whole electronic vibe and I'd say you did a good job on this. It could have been a little more interesting through maybe half the song if you would have started that same beat only with real drums, and maybe a little electric guitar in there... No huge mistake though.

crit? /either one
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Pretty cool. The drum beat kind of reminds me of early NiN =)

Pretty cool effects. I can't say I'd imagine myself ever listening to this just for pure enjoyment, but, as in its own right, it's a good track that could maybe just benefit from something extra to make it more interesting.
Very cool vibe to the song, I felt like I was in some sort of club for a bit. I'd agree with maybe changing it up after a little while with the real drums and electric gutiar, but it's also good the way it is. Also adding a melody line like you were thinking about would be a cool idea to help break oup the monotomy after a while.

Good job though, and thanks for the critique on mine too.
It would be very difficult to do that drum beat on real drums, seeing as there are two basses, and one of them is doing 16s at 144 bpm constant. Also, it already has two electric guitars, but I guess I should add some melodies. Thanks again, guys.
This thing really needs some sort of melody or other noises going on to keep you engaged. You kind of zone out because it is rather repetative. While it would make a good background music type thing, I'm not sure that's what you're aiming for. Try and get a melody going, and add some more sections to it or something.

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Update: I've taken some suggestions to heart, and changed the song a bit. I ditched the first drum beat, just because I stopped liking it, and replaced it. There are a few more noises now, and some melody in the latter half of the song. I still might add some more. Please tell me what you think:
Um.......... what to say?... well I'm not really a fan of this stuff so I dont really know how to crit it. I didnt like the sound of the guitar it was all in a weird pitch. It was original. A bit repepitive as said above.
What do you mean by a weird pitch? The first guitar part is harmonized a minor third down, and the second one is... ah damn, can't remember. Maybe a 6th up or something. The melody is playing in F Lydian, if I'm not mistaken. So what's weird about it? I'm not attacking, I'm just curious, so I'll know what you mean.

[edit] I always get those L modes confused.
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pretty good how it changed from the begging to the new part halfway in the song, kinda had like a diablo 2 act 2 feel, i dont know why. but it does need some more moelody or soemthing, or if youre going for electronic, make it really really long, and it could be used for a cool background thing
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors