i just got my epiphone les paul custom. im thinking about changing the pickups. it wont be really soon, but i probably will change them a little laer on. for the bridg i want something that gets good cleans, well atleast decent cleans, and distortion that is good for hard rock/metal type stuff. for the neck i want something that can do clean bluesy stuff and overdriven blues stuff. maybe some rock stuff too. one pickup i was looking at for the neck was the alnico II pro. i know its going to give me a slash-like tone because, well, he uses them. but can i get a nice bluesy sound and good cleans?
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dude look at my thread... its the same topic... i have an epi lp custom... and im changin pickups too... (thread is "bridge pickups...")
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I need to change my bridge pickup too, but dont know what to get. I kinda whant to get a dimebucker, but i need opinions on what to get.

plz message me, i prolly whont be on this thread again