I was having trouble with my bridge pins before (I hope I got them correct this time since they're not popping out anymore) and my low "E" (Acoustic guitar) string had a couple bends through it. So I tried stringing it and I left too much room (and the bent areas winded up against the tuning peg, thus looking like crap and not really winding against the peg). Thing is that I'm not sure if the string is gonna work anymore since to string it correctly with the same string, it'll have alot of bent parts for the fretting area (not like it's working though).

I'm gonna go to the shop tomorrow and watch them string it again. I blame alot of it on the bridge pin problem. Since I basically wasted an Elixir Nanoweb ($15) I might as well just get regular $5 Martins instead.

If anyone's confused over what I mean by bent portions, it's basically what happens when you begin tuning the string and than detune and pull the string out, the bent portions I guess is the part that began wrapping around the tuning peg area.
like you mean it's got a crease in the string? yeah it wouldn't be great. search for a lesson on UG about putting string on a guitar. i'm pretty sure there was one within the last few months.
Ive had a couple spots like that in my acoustic low E string before, i used it anyways and it still plays fine, so go ahead and try it.
I know how to do strings decently but this one failed mainly because of the annoying bridge pin problem that I seemed to have fixed. Anyways, it's not that it doesn't work, it's just the tuning is really odd (jumping between pitches even when barely twisting the peg past a centimeter)
^-- yeah i was gonna say that you can leave it like that if you want... but good luck keeping your guitar in tune. just go get you some new strings and replace the e. you wasted a string, but strings really aren't that expensive and you learned something.
One of my friends had bent portions, and then the doctors said he had to have an operation .
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One of my friends had bent portions, and then the doctors said he had to have an operation .

does it sound good? if so, leave it. don't overcomplicate things.
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y did i jst waste my life reading this post.... jst restring... wats the big deal...
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dont see too much of a problem. once you get them tightened it will probably be fine.

btw, holy crap. i just changed my strings for the first time since i got my guitar. I was amazed at how much better it sounds!