I just bought a Fender Tele and I'm having problems tracking down the year its from. The store guy said 1 year (late 80's) and I have found 2 different ones on the net (93-94 and 99-00). I'm very happy with the purchase and bought it because I liked how it felt and sounded but would like to read some more info on that particular batch. The serial starts with a P and has 6 numbers starting with a 0. Does anyone have any good links they might share with me?


PS I can take pics if it helps any.
thanks for the quick answer

I dont really want to do that at the moment as I just got it and want to spend my spare time playing!

Thanks again.
You could always email Fender the serial number and they would be able to send you some info on it.

Also, that acoustic looks like its survived fires and a flood.
lol, the acoustic did survive a really bad fire. Its a Ryoji Matsuoka and after I found it under my nans house I took it to my uncle who puttied it up for me. Lol, the fretboard is pretty burnt in some places, pegs are melted but I still like how it sounds and its part of my family too. Its had a tuff old life though.
Nice yeah I'm with the guy who said email Fender sounds like a good idea. Oh by the way isn't there a serial number thing on Fender's website where you put your serial number in and it gives informtion?
Looking to buy a Fender Jagstang, u sellin?
I Looked on the Fender site and couldn find anywhere to enter the serial. Ill email them tonight though, good idea
Has anyone ever got any successful replies from Fender before? or just the normal big business generic replies?