Poll: Will blink-182 get back together?
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5 42%
27 225%
Voters: 12.
Will blink-182 ever reunite? If so, when do you think and what will they sound like?
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hopefully not

edit: sorry for being an asshole...i actually enjoy some songs.
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Yea, I really dont care. They began to suck during their later years...alot.
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wow i am the only one who said yes

i think at some point they will play shows again at least

anybody else notice a lot of blink threads the last couple days
^ I have.

I think they probably will, and I can't imagine them straying too far from what they always did. Tom will probably be tired of what he's doing in Angels and Airwaves, and will be ready to play some Blink as a result. I'm not saying that it will be permanent, but I think it will happen.
Naaa, they won't ever reunite. If they did I think Mark and Tom would kill each other and then Travis would eat their corpses
no i dont think so..
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