I know guitars inside and out but as far as everything else im quite ignorrent. I have a marshall half stack and 6 or 7 pedals that are just plugged in one after another between the guitar and the amp. Now i nice effects, and i can get all the sounds i want but i keep thinking about going rack mount but i really dont understand the concept. I understand haveing like a multi effect processer and then a big ass foot controller but what i want is a way to mount my pedals in a rack and then control them easier. Its hard needing to press three different switches in 1 second. Where should i start looking for products? or what do i need? can someone just point me in the right direction?
Well, first off the basics.

You'll need at least a 5-10 space rack (in case you want more!)
A rack-shelf or two for your pedals

And a midi unit with a unit board.

I see most artists using GCX boards. I'll see if I can find you a link.

Since I only know of Mark Tremonti's board:

So the board will let me like program channels that have the effect of which ever of my pedals i choose? like 1 would be my distortion plus chorus and 2 would be delay chorus and envelope?
Yes youve got it. But the thing is the pedals rest on a shelve in the rack. and plug into a processor which is this


then that plugs into the big pedal board you can also connect your amp to it and be able to change channels with it. So you can go from clean channel with a tad bit chorus to distorted channel with a delay envelop on it. You see. Unfortunatly your still gonna have to set things like Wah or a rotovibe or a Whammy pedal on the floor just based off how you have to rock the foot controller around for a broad array control.

Its a very nice system but a tad pricey. Im not 100 % but the guy at GC told me they are 400 dollars a piece
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Ya refixer but thats 400 for the controller and 400 for the rack switcher you have to have both its gonna cost like 1000 with tax and everything
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