I've got a black Strat, with a black and white paisley pickguard, vintage telecaster knobs, and chrome pickup covers.
Zevon Saves
I got a black ancient Jackson Flying V Pro Std. It's got dot inlays and you'd prolly think it's some ****ty JS from a distance. White Duncans, red strings, I got one of those rubber ass kepur straps. It's pretty unique, I like it.

Anyone know if I can/where I can get a pick guard for it?
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there's a website called i think terratinguitars.com. they might have one
Zevon Saves
Ibanez Custom, looks like a strat copy, whammy bar, has a photo finish black with some a wood grain look in the middle, 1 creme coloured pickup soon to be changed for a steve morse signature pickup