Hey guys!

Just recorded a new song with my band: Cygnus! (actually, it's been about 2 weeks since we recorded it, but it's coming up now)!

We will have a real recording of it within the week, but this is all we have for now! The new recordins setup is not up and running yet....


Comments are welcome and encouraged! The mix isn't too good, as our drummer always thinks we are drowning him out , so he makes us turn down...no biggy, it gets the general idea across!

Thanks for looking! And here is our myspace, feel free to add us if you would like!

can kinda hear the guitar. seems like it'd be good though.
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^ yeah man.

Hes a really good drummer. He reminds me a lot of my drummer (the way he uses his china cymbal to accent that beat..etc.). The song is rocking though. And the Mesa sounds great!

BTW Eric. I took back that Dual Recto I bought at GC because the guys at a local store gave me a huge deal on a Triple Recto/standard cab. I paid $2100 for a brand new, in the box Triple Recto and brand new still in the original box Standard 4x12 Mesa cab. lol
Your drummer is a tripper, he drowns all of you out. I'll reserve judgement til I can hear the guitars, sounds pretty good though so far.

Thanks for the comments. I can pick the guitar out barely, so that must make it hard for you guys, as I actually know how it goes......

I told him to put the camera somewhere else, but no......"you guys are drowning me out!"


The parts are pretty cool though. It's a very constantly moving song....realy recording soon!
Awsome song. I can sort of hear the Recto but its hard to hear anything but the drums. But its a cool beat and guitar part.

EDIT: I added you Eric. Your band and your page. *stalks you*.
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nice. Kind of started up very upbeat, then got heavy... nice idea. I can't see much though
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