This is an original song written by myself and a friend of mine about a year ago. The lyrics were more just me saying I dont' want these "You left me, life is terrible" songs that he had been doing, so I wrote about "happy" stuff.

It's now been redone as part of a new group I've just started called Karma & Destiny United, which has be on acoustic guitar and some backup vocals, and a female singer, as well as a possible second. This song being written so long ago its very far from my best work, but this is more of a rough take just to see how we work together. So far things are looking good, so we're looking for some outside opinions.

As I said this is somewhat of a scratch track, so forgive the timign issures at the beggining and a couple bum notes here and there.


Leave any links to your recordings and I'll be happy to listen and give feedback as well.
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Very nice. For the backing vocals in the chorus you might want to try harmony in thirds instead of you both singing the same pitches. The lead vocals are pretty good. The intro is really cool, just work on those timing issues. Overall well done.
All round pretty good, I love the mix of male and female voices, ive only got one crit, the male voice isnt loud enough and the male voice needs to sing lower rather than trying to emulate the females voice...
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Strange, the chords in this song are very similar to something I did a while back that I never released. Pretty good song, recording isn't the best, but that's not the issue. I don't think the male voice in the chorus fits. You seemed to be just a hair off, and I agree with everyone else that you should try singing something different instead of singing the same pitch. It just doesn't add anything musically when you do that.

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