hi everyone, i was just wondering whether anyone could recommend me any good metal solos or riffs, i really wana learn some, i been learning alot of maiden at the moment but i need some more ideas, thanks
I smell raw sewage. That's aside, if you want crazy heavy metal shred solos, check out some stuff like Arch Enemy's "Dead Eyes See No Future" or Children of Bodom's "Sixpounder". Both of those have killer riffs AND solos. If you want to get old school, try to play Judas Priest's "Metal Meltdown" or Pantera's "Domination" (A personal favorite of mine).
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Black Label Society
Black Sabbath
Ozzy Osbourne
Iron Maiden
Rage Against the Machine(they have heavy riffs)
Iced Earth
Arch Enemy
if you can sweep pick... look up the tab for Alaska by Between The Buried And Me... its one of the most difficult songs ive ever heard... and the only tab is the intro... i have YET to find a COMPLETE tab of it on the net... i think that itll take a while to tab it...
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Iron Maiden---Powerslave
Black Sabbath---NIB
Judas Priest---Metal Meltdown
Ozzy Osbourne---Crazy Train
I second Powerslave. It's the heaviest Maiden song I've heard, so it's a good start. Check out any song off Slayer's Show No Mercy. None are too difficult, all are full out thrash.

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Try Atreyu's Bleeding Mascara, Intro. It'll get you into sweep picking if you're not already, and it's fun to play.
megadeth hangar 18 and tornado of souls (pretty hard)

pantera cowboys from hell, walk, cemetary gates (again, pretty hard, not just as hard though)

Ozzy: mr crowley, bark at the moon, miracle man.

Loads of others, obviously, those are the ones that came to mind though.
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Bark at the moon, crazy train by ozzy

Cowboys from hell, walk and domination by pantera
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A lot of the early Metallica stuff is great, as well as some Megadeth...

Also, Randy Rhoads-era Ozzy Osbourne tunes are an excellent way to learn killer riffage & solos too!

Crazy Train
Mr. Crowley
Master Of Puppets (I know, it's cliche, but ya know)
Tornado Of Souls

Enter Sandman by Metallica is like my favorite metal song to play
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Nottingham Lace by Buckethead. Actually, has anyone been able to tab even the first section of the solo?