Looking to buy one (for max $1500 AUD) i was thinking about the washburn J5 (or 3, whatever's good) Or maybe an Ibanez, I tend to play a fair bit of Hard Rock/ Metal (Good metal, none of this drop d growling ****) But i was after a guitar specifically for my Jazz, Blues and what not, which i do a fair bit of jazz, should i be looking elsewhere, what should i be looking for? I should say i have never owned one before.

Thanks in advance,
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I'd have to agree with Ibanez Artcore, even though I don't like them. I'd prefer a Gretsch any day, though irregardless of the fact that I don't know how to spell it.
i love epiphone casinos and just about any reverend guitar
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i love my epiphone 335. similar to the previously mentioned casino
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I love my washburn hollow. I have a bottom of the line hb15 and i still think it rocks. I use it for blues almost exclusively. I can only imagine that a more expensive washburn would be even better.
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I'd love to have a Gretsch too, but settled for an Ibanez Artcore AG75. I like it. I went with Hybrid Slinky strings for a bassier sound. The finish on this guitar is as close to any high end guitar that I've ever seen. The F-holes even have binding around them. Whatever you do play as many as you can and then decide on what's best for you.
I've played a few hollobody electrics, and my favourites have been the Washburn hollowbodies and the Epiphone Sheraton II in particular.

Also, Gretsch makes a more affordable one called the Electromatic Hollowbody... might be what you're looking for. Check it out.
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