hey guys, would distortion pedals work alright with an ashton vp30 tube combo or do i need to go overdrive pedals?? i m thinking about the line 6 uber metal pedal, or the zakk wylde mxr overdrive, and i dont no wat to get
distortion pedals will work, but they wont sound as good as an overdrive. a distortion pedal is going to have solid state circutry to make the distortion sound, which pretty much ruins the point of having some nice tubes to get your dirty sound. overdrive pedals are made for tube amps really, they push the tubes to that point where they add some nice gain. i really only use my OD for a boost and a bit of gain for solos, but ive tried it out a lot and it sounds much better pushing a tube amp than a disto pedal. dont know about those two pedals in particular, but i would go with an OD pedal if you have a tube amp.