I own a Musicman 212 Sixty-Five amp, really old thing, but it's great.

I recently read a few reviews online, for comparison purposes, and I saw a few that mention its overdrive... Such as this one:


But as far as I can tell, the Musicman 212 doesn't have an overdrive! The settings read as follows, left to right:

Clean Channel
Bright/Normal Selector

Dirty Channel
Bright/Normal Selector
Intensity (Tremolo)
Speed (Tremolo)
Deep/Normal Selector
Three-way Power Selector - Hi/Off/Low

Am I missing something here? I don't see an overdrive, but maybe certain settings can be used to attain the same effect...?

Thanks in advance
Overdrive would just mean the dirty channel. Gain is the amount of distortion or drive.
The dirty channel is the overdrive channel....

Turn the volume up on that channel, then turn the master volume down, you'll see.
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