i have a ESP MH-50, and it's kind of a metal guitar. i'm looking to transform it into more of a punk rock guitar by changing the pickups. i just don't know which pickups are good for punk. i would also like it to be able to go clean. could you guys give me some choices? HELP!! thanks
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Get a like a dirty fingers from Gibson, or a JB from Seymore Duncan. They are high output for a great raw sound, but not too over the top.

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I made these recordings through a stock computer mic (cheapy) and just put it up to the amp and opened windows default sound recording program and recorded these little demos to here what the pickups sound like for sifferent styles. The fist part of each one is just palm muted D and A chord, the second is an alternative rock (think u2) style riff, and the third is an "out of the box" pentatonic scale and the fourth is just a normal pentatonic scale.

Click here to watch Jazz-Distorted
Click here to watch JB-Distort
Click here to watch Jazz-Clean
Click here to watch JB-Clean

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