i was at my local music shop earlier and i was trying out a taylor 110e. it sounded very nice (not as nice as the larrivee's, but close, and at $300+ cheaper)

so i was wondering if it would be worth paying 300 more for the larrivee, with ALL solid wood construction as opposed to the taylor 110e's solid top and laminate back and sides? does it make much of a difference in the long run?

the larrivee i'm looking at in particular is the D03
I would say save the money and buy the larivee. All solid wood construction is definetly the way to go.
Yea, buying a low end Taylor may not be the best idea. I'd say go for the Larrivee.
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all acu gutiars are build well so just play both of them and see which one gives you a fuller sound or the sound you are looking for.
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