Hey I'm thinking of buying a new guitar for about £200, and i quite fancy a Epiphone Les Paul. At the moment I hav an acoustic, which isnt really good for what I want to play. A Startocaster, which has a badly damaged neck, and the strings vibrate against it too. and a Flying V, but it is very impratical since u cant really sit down and play it. Any ideas or advice?
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les paul is a good idea but if you're getting an epiphone then you could get something betteer than an average les paul, les apul with 3 humbuckers, with a floyd rose, with emgs so on
Les Paul's own! But get a better one, like a studio version or a black beauty, they're much better.
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probably save up some more cash and buy an ibanez gio. go with the locking tremolo. they're great budget guitars. i own one. then just buy some better pickups then you're all probably set.
I'm selling a les Paul Custom on Ebay just now, the bids at 170 if your interested?


To be honest about it but, I wouldn't recommend Les Pauls, I don't like the feel of the neck. Don't get me wrong, its a good guitar and if your looking for a kinda rock sound to your sound then its ideal for you.

Personally, I like METAL! :P

Getting my new Jackson soon Can't wait :P

Good luck with whatever you decide to buy but
I now have a Ibanez gio and iam pretty pleased with it, it has good sound for the price. But i have a crappy amp :S. I also use the Korg toneworks AX3G.