He came to school everyday and no one knew
How he fealt alone and suffered his point of view
Little angel hates his parents and school never understood
Teachers and Kids never helped how they should
He has an Idea in his head to make it okay
How could a little angle to so astray

All hes got is a God-Complex and a gun
Hes so alone
Living outside the glow and looking in
Must be so hard
Cause now they're ants in his rifle scope
What the hell happened
They ask as they clean his corpeses
He was such a good kid

He was such a good kid.

Suffer alone dear angel you'll be back soon
Find your own people to hate and to rune
You think your special or something unique
Your just a foolish kid on a losing streak
You think their lifes don't matter? that it?
They must look so small up on your loaded god-complex


Its not so hard to die but to live today
When it doesn't matter what you do or say
Were kids, don't have no rights only privledge
Not people Just statutory rape or assault to aledge
Give me a Forty-five to the head say horray
and the others ain't much better no no
I'm just another Pun or freak to betray

Is this how it is? Is this who I am?
Is this how I wanna be? **** no!


Solo with this heard in the background
(Why are people so unpleasant)
(doing such trivial things)
(Finding amusment in)
(the mistreatment of)
(their own kind)
(though keep in mind its possible I'm just horrendously insane)

god complex and a gun..........i cant stop but hear fall out boy!
:: You Think I'm Weird Because I'm Different ::
:: I Think You're Weird Because You're All The Same ::
this sounds really honest. but the title's cool. well to get to the point, i love it! keep up writing!