Ok me and my friend have decided we want to go to a music festival next year but we cant decide where we would like to go. I personally want to go to download but my friends arent into that and im ok with that. I was thinking t in the park. Does anybody know when the main bulk of the t in the park tickets will come on sale or at least a rough date or month? Were looking really for a general rock festival and one thats probably in the north as we live out if the way in the middle of nowhere in cumbria.

Leeds festival is fairly close to you then! The tickets come out EITHER immediately after this years festival at this years prices (!!!) Or in March. I'd suggest buying tickets this year for next years festivals as they are cheaper, yeah so you won't know the line-up but they're always pretty good. T in the park was supposed to be wicked, Im not sure when the tickets come out though.
So lets put on our classics and we'll have a little dance, shall we?
Well the t in the park tickets that they sell this year for next year gave already sold out. I dont have the money yet so will have to save up for it. So if it the tickets that sold out yeaterday for t in the park were 115 pounds then the main lot are going to be more expensive? Yeh wel thought about going to leeds. Might clash with when i go on holiday though.
Download last year was amazing, but the lineup was lame this year. Reading (and therefore probably Leeds) has a pretty poor atmosphere. There's loads of 13yo girls who got daddy to pay for them which pissed me off. Mind you, Death From Above 1979 and Queens of the Stone Age were amazing.
Solfest in Cumbria is quite good and you can bring your own beer Plenty of drugs avaliable to
ahhh I MISSED BIG DAY OUT!!!!!!!!!

i have to wait a whole year for next one
Some Guy?