heres a crappy recording i did... it was mostly recorded about 7 months ago, and i recently remebered i had it finished, so i just decided to put it online... suprising myself in 7 months i've gotton a lot better at playing and recording. Its Folk/viking metal... and i'm more into guitar than growling, so don't really expect a lot from the growls...

PS: This is me first post here... I love black,folk and viking metal, some of my favorite bands are Bathory, Mayhem, Burzum, Dissection, Satrycon, Asmegin, Einherjer, Korpiklaani, moonspell, Kalmah and ensiferum...

i'm also only 15...
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Nice clean intro , Very high in quality .
Very good melody , i like it . there were a lot of guitars in there though , that was unnesessary .
Anyway , good song overall . I dont have any advice nor a comment to give you.
The voice is preety messy , sounds like you had a laryngectomy and you speak through a voice box or smth, but nice try .
The song waay to long , 11:19 .
5:30 owns ass a riff though the quality in the distorted guitar isnt that good , the voice there got better , louder , you sound like the singer from amon amarth , he also tries to sing with a brutal voice but not good.
Anyway , Crit mine ?

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