He was a boy
Driven right over the edge
By his friends and his cronies
When they went to see "Over The Hedge"

You see, it started like this
Two kids smoking pot on the street
And the boy comes just walking by
So they decide to get off their feet

They walk oer to him
One grabs him by his collar
And the other one says
"Want some for a dollar"

Mike Wazowski liked pot
Ever since he came out of the womb
He'd been smoking it religiously
Like it was a shrine or a tomb

Over the Hedge, Over the Hedge,
Was the scene of a kid with some dredge
Drederick Tatum, Drederick Tatum
Beat up some kids and then ate 'em
Why did a dreamworks movie make them addicted to pot? subliminal messages me'thinks!
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