Yo, I'm having a hard time to decide on what kind of guitar to get thats 700 dollars or less I have a Line 6 Spider II 112 If that effects your opinion. I'm into weird shaped guitars (V, Explorers) and I play Metal/ MEtalcore stuff and I just want to get some opinions on this.
look into the jackson RR models. the lower end RR models run around that price, but are still good guitars. also ESP makes some good guitars for metal, and they have some unique shapes as well
Ya, i was thinkin for ESP either somethin in the EX Series or the AX Series but i still like some more opinions
i would advise you to get a new amp. seriously the line 6 spider II 112 aint great for anything metal
i'd get a new amp and with the leftover money and the money you'd get from selling ur other amp get a decent guitar
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I like that rondo model and plus im sellin my bass cuz i couldnt take bass nemore and sellin that on ebay with the **** amp it came with so i could get 150 more with that and sell that MArshall MG15 to guitar center and get like 50 more bucks from that then ill sell the Line 6 amp
agathis = not the best wood you want in a guitar at all. so i wouldnt take that agile model either
Any Godin guitar over 400$ is a great guitar, made in canada with parts from the u.s. I have a Freeway Classic 500$ and its amazing. Carvin also makes amazing guitars for the money
I guess, I could suggest an Epiphone Explorer or Flying V....

Maybe a Schecter? The S-1 is SG-like, but differently shaped.

And ESP LTD 400 series would be good for you too, as mentioned before.

But getting a decent guitar won't make you sound anybetter through a Line 6 Spider II. I'd suggest selling that and maybe taking a couple hundred from your guitar stash to but maybe a Roland Cube... that leaves about 500-ish for your guitar.
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