I'll be able to get quite a lot of money in the holidays so i was thinking, why not get a guitar that is good enough to last?

I've had loads in mind but i cant decide which one, they're all simarlar price range and before you ask what amp i have and then tell me to get one of those first i'll tell you that i AM getting a decent fender amp with this money i get, my budget is really anything up to about £700 so suggestions are open, anyway here are the ones i'm thinking of getting:

Epiphone Zakk Wylde bullseye signature les paul
Epiphone les paul custom with EMGs
Epiphone Gothis '58 explorer with floyd rose
ESP LTD M (forgot which one it was)
ESP KH 202 Kirk hammet signature
Gibson SG special (possibly able to stretch to a standard)
Ibanez IC-400
Ibanez JEM555
Ibanez RG (I'll have to look into which exact one i want)
alternatively i could buy a guitar body from warmoth (+shipping costs) and do that up with all the best stuff but that takes effort
what type of music do you play? would you like to use a floating trem? are you willing to change the pickups on any guitar you buy?
I play just about anything good, metal, blues, rock, classic rock, bit of punk but i avoid it.
Yeah the floating trem would be cool but there are some guitars that absolutely rock but dont have one
and yeah i would be willing to change the pick-ups on one but it'd be best if i didnt have to
well you could probably squeeze in a s/sa/sz prestige model from ibanez or get the warmoth which would seem wise if you know how to wire guitars and put stuff into holes but im sure that it would exceed your budget
yeh those can do what you wanted but i think all are 22 frets so that could be a problem with you
nothing by epiphone...not a fan of those at all....i would get an esp or ibanez. i own an S series, and its brilliant...would defianktly recommend it. rg is good, but you gotta be carfull with teh model...some are crap... wait, 700 pounds? is that like 1200-1400 dollars? go for a satriani signature! those are really great!
yeah, well i have time to think and ask around, i need to mod my old squier strat first, i do want an FR but an SG would rock too, sam argument with alot of those guitars
ok, sorry for this very long string of posts but i think I've narrowed this search down to 3 guitars

Ibanez Joe satriani JS100 (£459)
ESP Kirk Hammett KH 202 (£450)
Jackson Randy Rhoads RR3 (£489)

any suggestions on whichone i should get?