hey, im looking for sum good acoustic rock songs, dont say good riddance by greenday, or ne of blink182's stuff, or there is by boxcar racer, but if u no ne others, tell me, im bored
Roads by Josh Silver and Mikael Akerfeldt. Its part of the Roadrunner United album.
One time, after a gig, I had a foursome with these chicks that wouldn't shutup about my four-finger tapping.

I would much rather they had just talked about my penis.
Nirvana Unplugged in New York. That will keep you busy for a short while
Just let the good times roll.
A Favor House Atlantic by Coheed is pretty killer acoustically, or Wake up, or The Light and the Glass, both of those also by Coheed. Those will keep you busy.
i like Clapton Unplugged, a little acoustic Zombie. Basically if you look hard enough, you can find acoustic tracks or cuts of most bands.
Emo is conforming to unconformity and whining. Really, it is.
sorry, forgot to mention this. If you buy the Nirvana box set you get some acoustic practice sessions.
Emo is conforming to unconformity and whining. Really, it is.
The Ground Folds- Senses Fail (Easy)
I Could have Lied- RHCP
The Hunger- Distillers
Maps (The acoustic version)- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Mayonaise- Smashing Pumpkins
Santeria (If you play it acoustic it sounds really good)- Sublime
You've got to hide your love- Pearl Jam
Johnny Cash
First Day of My Life- Bright eyes
The Honorary Title
Swing Life Away- Rise Agianst (I personally hate the song)
Sometimes pop songs have better guitar parts than rock songs-
Maroon 5's accoustic album is good to play
Peices of Me- Ashlee Simpson
They are pop but still fun to play
Just play songs that have soft electric guitar parts too.
Fenders rock
I love the accoustic version of Like Suicide by Soundgarden.